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There are a number of Tung Oil’s available on the market. Generally they can be divided into:

arrow imgTung Oil:

Tung Oil is used as a wood finishing product. Tung oil is also sometimes called “China wood oil”. It has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years in China to seal decorative and marine wood as well as porous masonry. Oils such as tung oils are a traditional method of coating timber floors. They are a penetrative finish, which is generally less hard wearing than the modified oils or polyurethanes. The coating is slow drying and requires regular coatings with maintenance products. The product gives a very soft and natural appearance. In all cases it is imperative to closely follow the manufacturers instructions.

arrow imgModified Oils:

Dual Coat and Dual Coast Satin are professional grade Timber Floor Seals manufactured utilizing premium grade raw materials and the latest research and development. Dual Coat and Dual Coast Satin, known as oil modified urethanes have the strength and abrasion resistance of urethane and warm natural beauty of oil.

Dual Coast Satin produces a silky smooth appearance on the floor which reflects a softer light, helps keep the natural look of the timber and helps conceal scuff marks.

Dual Coat produces a gloss appearance on the floor, highlighting the natural colours of the timber and adding light to the room. Dual Coat is a tough oil modified turps based finish recommended for use on all newly layed timber floors. It provides a tough non-crack finish, allowing timbers to breath during climatisation Dual Coat now comes in both Gloss and Satin finishes

These products are both quick drying and flexible. That can be applied with a short nap roller, lambs wool applicator or brush. The flexibility of these products allows the timber to move freely as the environment changes the moisture content of the floor.

Please click on the pdf image to view the Material Safety Data Sheet, for Peerless Dual Coat.
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