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Polyurethane is a solvent based finish, designed for use on most timber & cork surfaces. When used on timber, polyurethane provides a very durable long lasting finish that enhances and highlights the natural beauty of the timber. Polyurethane comes in three types of finishes; Gloss, Satin & Matt

There are a number of coating systems available on the market. Generally they can be divided into:

Moisture Curing Polyurethane

arrow imgMoisture curing polyurethane:

This product otherwise known as single pack polyurethane forms a hardwearing surface. The drying time will vary based on atmospheric conditions. Problems can also occur where application takes place in very dry conditions. The product can also have some edge bonding affect. This problem arises when the coating oozes into the tongue and groove joints between the individual boards. The surface area of this joint is fairly high and the coatings adhesive properties effectively “glue” the boards together.

 arrow imgTwo pack polyurethane:

The coating gives an excellent, hardwearing surface. Some problems may occur with edge bonding. This product is only available in gloss.